CNC Cutting

Get both the material and the cutting service, elimate your shipping costs. Guarantee both your material and cutting quality. Our 3 Axis CNC cutting machine is capable of vertical cutting.

Certified Aluminium

2000 mm x 6000 mm CNC Cutting

Door to Door Delivery

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CNC Cutting Service
CNC Cutting Service

X (6100 mm) Y (2200 mm) Z (900 mm) We can load a material up to 23000kg.

Material and Cutting Guarantee
Material and Cutting Guarantee

We guarantee both the quality of the material and the cutting when both services are acquired from us.

Door to Door Delivery
Door to Door Delivery

Our company will take care of the shipping cost.

Payment in Instalments
Payment in Instalments

Credit card payment in instalments in possible.

CNC Cutting Examples
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CNC Cutting

CNC cutting machines are used to cut and shape objects designed on the computer in a precise way. Pieces that are very delicate or hard to produce can quickly be manufactured  in a very precise and correct way using a CNC.

CNC Cutting Machine Specifications

Our CNC cutting machine is double columned and can make cut vertically.

  • Y axis: 6000mm
  • X axis: 2000mm
  • Z axis: 900mm

How many axis is our CNC cutting machine?

Our CNC cutting machine has 3 axes. In addition, we are able to make holes on the sides of the material. If you are in need of a custom process that cannot be completed with the 3 axis system, our engineers will get touch with you after an analysis period. 

What is the milling sensitivity of our CNC machine?

Our CNC double column cutting machine has a cutting sensitivity of +/- 0.01mm.

Does our CNC Cutting Machine have a linear ruler?

Our CNC cutting machine does have a linear ruler, which has a 5 micron sensitivity.

Which materials can be cut with our CNC cutting service?

  • All Aluminium Materials
  • Stainless Steel Materials
  • Steel Materials
  • Iron Materials
  • Industrial Plastic Materials

CNC Cutting Prices

CNC cutting prices can vary depending on the design submitted. Generally, when a design is submitted, we base our calculations on the work duration indicated by the CAM program. We then add our minimum work and packaging hours when determining our delivery period. Our company will notify you of the delivery period within 24 hours of your submission.

Which file formats do we work with?

To use our CNC cutting machine we require that you submit either a step (.stp) or parasolid (.xt) file format.

What are the advantages of working with is Altek Metal’s online aluminium sales platform. By acquiring both the material and the cutting service from Altek Metal, you can reduce your shipping costs. We are able to give a quality guarantee for both the material and the cutting quality, when the material is obtained from us.

If you have any another request, please email us at [email protected] or call us at  +902123066060.

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