Water Jet Cutting

Get both the material and the cutting service from us, eliminate your shipping costs. Cutting aluminium with the water jet has never been this easy!

Certified Aluminium

Max 300 mm thickness cutting capability

Door to Door Delivery

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Cut Aluminium with the Water Jet
Cut Aluminium with the Water Jet

Su Jeti ile Min. 4 mm ve Max. 300 mm kesim yapılabilir.

Material and Cutting Guarantee
Material and Cutting Guarantee

We guarantee both the quality of the material and the cutting when both services are acquired from us.

Door to Door Delivery
Door to Door Delivery

Our company will take care of the shipping cost.

Payment in Instalments
Payment in Instalments

Credit card payment in instalments in possible.

Water Jet Cutting Examples
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The Water Jet

The water jet is a material cutting machine that uses thin high speed, pressured water to cut materials, such as aluminium, in a precise way. The biggest advantage of using the water jet is that it does not produce deformation or resistance loss as it does not heat the material during the cutting process. 

Which materials can be cut with the water jet?

  • All types of Aluminium
  • Stainless Steel
  • Steel
  • Iron
  • Industrial Plastics

What is the smallest hole diameter that can be produced with water jet?

Holes 4 mm and bigger in diameter can be produced with the water jet. For the holes smaller than 4 mm in diameter, a marking point will be drawn. The work will vary here according to the thickness of the material. Our team will guide you according to your needs in this process.

Water Jet Cutting Prices

The water jet’s cutting prices can vary depending on the design submitted. Generally, we base our calculations on the work duration indicated by the CAM program. We then add our minimum work and packaging hours when determining our delivery period. Our company will notify you of the delivery period within 24 hours of your submission.

What are the cutting tolerances of the water jet?

The water jet’s cutting tolerances change depending on thickness of the material cut. Our team will assist you on this topic.

What are the specifications of our water jet cutting machine?

  • We are able to cut in the qualities (Q1-Q5)
  • Our cutting thickness is min 4 mm and max. 165 mm
  • Max. 2000 in width x 7000 mm in length
  • Our water cutting thickness is 1 mm

What is the advantage of using is Altek Metal’s online aluminium sales platform. By acquiring both the material and the cutting service from Altek Metal, you can reduce your shipping costs. We are able to give a quality guarantee for both the material and the cutting quality, when the material is obtained from us.

Our water jet is able to cut vertically at a 90 degree angle. Therefore we are able to scrap the full other 90 degrees. As a result, our customers are able to use their products immediately without the need for any lathing processes.

Which industries is the water jet beneficial for?

The water jet is beneficial for the machinery industry, shipbuilding industry and the automotive industry.

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