- If there is a cut beyond the committed cutting tolerances, the return can be accepted.                                          - Plane / Thickness / Material Return is acceptable if there is a supplier-related production outside the Standard, which is related to its internal structure.                                                                                   Committed standards (EN-AMS Etc.) and Commitment Products other than cut tolerances can be accepted as returns.  

We have a Membership and Sales contract, you can view the content at the bottom of our web page.  

You must be a member of our website to be able to shop on our website. Being a member will help you with your order tracking and contact us. 

Is it paid to be a member?  

Membership in our site is free. 

We have two payment options as Credit Card / Money Transfer on our site. 

The obligation to enter a T.C identification number was entered in the official gazette dated 02.03.2011-29.08.2006 and numbered 26274. You can use your tax number for the products you purchase on behalf of your company, but there is an obligation to invoice your T.C identification number for individual purchases. (Turkish Customers)

Orders between 08:00 – 14:00 up to 100kg in weight will be shipped within the same day. Orders above 100 kg will be shipped using a paid courier. Orders that come in after 14:00 pm, will be shipped the following work da yor using a cargo service. The product certification and the freight bill will be sent to you automatically digitally the moment the delivery the leaves our service center.

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