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Aluminium Tooling Plate Aluminium Tooling Plate

Aludur Plus: cut to size, precision milled cast aluminium tooling plates.
aludur plus - aluminium cast plate
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Pre-Cut Stock

Browse our pre cut aluminium stock. Same day cargo on orders before 12:00.

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Browse our ready cut and full sized aluminium stock to find the sizes you are looking for.

Certified Aluminium
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International Shipping
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Our delivery time is 1 to 2 weeks depending on the location.

Payment in Instalments
Payment in Instalments

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Aludur Plus Examples

Aluminium Tooling Plate / ALUDUR PLUS

Under the brand name of Aludur Plus Altek Metal produces alloy 5083 , precision milled cast aluminium tooling plates. These plates have a high surface quality of max. 0.3 Ra Brightness , narrow flatness tolerances and in 1 meter, a +/- 0.1 thickness tolerance . Our aluminium tooling plates are particularly preferred in the production of fixture plates and 3D printing beds as Aludur Plus is characterized by its excellent structural stability and high surface quality. In production, we take away the inner tension of the material through a heating process. Consequently a light milling, or hole drilling process can be made without disturbing the surface flatness.

Flatness Tolerances

Aludur Plus is especially preferred in sectors where the flatness tolerances are important to the user. Our product offers the following flatness tolerances:


  • 5 -12 mm Thickness ≤0,40 mm flatness tolerance
  • > 12 mm Thickness ≤0,13 mm flatness tolerance

Each of our aluminium plates’ surface flatness is monitored individually by our engineering team.

Aluminium Tooling Plate Sizes

We are able to produce Aludur Plus precision milled tooling plates at the following sizes:

  • Min. 5 mm / Max. 300 mm in thickness
  • Max. 2020 mm in width
  • Max. 4020 mm in length

Aluminium Tooling Plate Cutting Tolerances

  • Between 5 mm and 100 mm: +/- 0.2 mm tolerance
  • Between 101 mm and 180 mm: +/- 0.5 mm tolerance
  • Between 181 mm and above +/- 0.5 mm tolerance

Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strenght Rm: 230-290MPa 0,2% Yield Strength: 110 - 130 Mpa Elongation A5%: 10 - 14 Hardness Brinell: 69 - 73

Physical Properties

Density: 2.66 g/cm3 Thermal Conductiviy: 110 - 130 W/m*K Module of Elastisity: 70.000N/mm2 Coefficient of Thermal Expansion: 24,2 10-6 / K

Aluminium Tooling Plate Prices

Our full size tooling plates are priced on their theoretical weight (kg.) However, ready cut individual pieces are priced on the quantity of purchase. Please visit our precision milled aluminiu m prices page for more detail.

Areas of Use

  • Fixture Plates
  • Machinery Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Packaging Machines and Molds
  • Plastic Part Production
  • Printing Machines
  • Aerospace Machining Plates
  • CNC Router Plates
  • Electric and Electronic Industry
  • Medical Material Molds
  • 3D Printing Plate

Deliveries outside of Turkey

For deliveries outside of Turkey, the delivery time will depend on the location. It is best to factor in roughly two weeks delivery time. This duration can increase if ordering from a distant location. For speedier deliveries the cost of shipping can be calculated on an individual basis. Please let our team know if you are in need of fast shipping.

If you have any another request, please email us at [email protected] or call us at +902123066060.

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