Aluminium Sheet

Aluminium sheets, suitable for anodizing, at the thicknesses you require!

Certified Aluminium

2 mm and 2,5 mm Permanent Stock

Suitable for Anodizing

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Buy Stock Aluminium Online
Buy Stock Aluminium Online

Browse our ready cut and full sized aluminium stock to find the sizes you are looking for.

Cut to Length from Coil
Cut to Length from Coil

We are able to cut aluminium sheets to length from aluminium rolls.

Free Cargo over ₺300 Purchase
Free Cargo over ₺300 Purchase

Free cargo for purchases of ₺300 and over.

Payment in Instalments
Payment in Instalments

Credit card payment in instalments in possible.

Aluminium Sheet

The 5xxx series of aluminium sheets are used in all of the main aluminium industrial markets. Its’ resistance to corosion, strength, lightness and machinability make it ideal for use in especially the automotive and shipbuilding industries.

Aluminium Sheet Prices

In our website, our aluminium sheets are priced based on the number of pieces purchased. However, full, unopened pallets are priced on theoretical weight (kg.) If you would like make a full pallet purchase, please contact our sales team. Please see our aluminium sheet page for detailed pricing. 

Anodized Aluminium Sheets

Anodizing aluminium sheets is a process used to protect the aluminium from corosion. The hot rolled, alloyed aluminium sheets in our stock are suitable for anodizing. Upon request, we are able to anodize the aluminium ourselves.

PVC Coating

Upon request, we are able to coat our aluminium sheets with PVC. Both one sided or two sided coatings are possible.

Aluminium Sheet Cut to Length

With the coil cutting capability in our Ankara service center, we are able to cut aluminium sheets to the requested lengths. We coat our aluminium sheets with PVC to protect the sheets from any scratches or damages.

Aluminium Sheet Alloys

Our stock of aluminium sheets consist of the following alloys:

  • 1050
  • 5083
  • 5182
  • 5251
  • 5754
  • 6061

Areas of Use

  • Automotive Industry
  • Advertising Industry
  • Shipbuilding Industry

As the products in our stock have already been cut to size, their prices are lower than the price of making a custom aluminium cutting request.

Aluminium Sheet Weight Calculation

If you would like to quickly calculate the theoretical weight of the aluminium sheets you need, please visit our aluminium weight calculation page.

If you have any another request, please email us at [email protected] or call us at +902123066060.

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