Precision Milled Aluminium Tooling Plate

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Precision Milled Aluminium Tooling Plate
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Precision Milled Aluminium Tooling Plate
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Aluminium Tooling Plate

Brand:                          Aludur Plus

Norm:                           DIN EN 573-3

Alloy:                            5083

Temper:                       H111

Surface Quality:          max. 0.3 Ra Brightness



Thickness:                   min. 5 mm / max. 100 mm 

Width:                           max. 2020 mm 

Length:                         max. 4020 mm



Thickness:                  +/- 0.1 Thickness tolerance in 1 meter

Flatness:                     5 -12 mm Thickness ≤ 0,40 mm flatness tolerance

                                    < 12 mm Thickness ≤ 0,13 mm flatness tolerance

Cutting:                       Between 5 mm and 100 mm: +/- 0.2 mm tolerance

                                     Between 101 mm and 180 mm: +/- 0.5 mm tolerance

                                     Between 181 mm and above +/- 0.5 mm tolerance


The pallets of this product are made according to EN 13382 standards. Our full size tooling plates are priced on their theoretical weight (kg.) However, ready cut individual pieces are priced on the quantity of purchase.

If you were not able to find the dimensions you were looking for, please visit our aluminium custom sizing page.


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